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US-2010160863-A1: Catheter Introducer System patent, US-2010169192-A1: Detection Of Compromise Of Merchants, ATMS, And Networks patent, US-2010174497-A1: Electromagnetic field distribution measurement apparatus patent, US-2010193885-A1: Condenser microphone patent, US-2010284107-A1: Method of controlling flying height of magnetic head and disk drive using the method patent, US-2010330733-A1: Semitransparent flexible thin film solar cells and modules patent, US-2011013151-A1: Projection zoom lens and projection display device patent, US-2011020467-A1: Inhibition of Biogenic Sulfide Production Via Biocide and Metabolic Inhibitor Combination patent, US-2011027893-A1: Method and apparatus for automated determining of chemical oxygen demand of a liquid sample patent, US-2011035175-A1: Method for rating solar units and implementing apparatus patent, US-2011050621-A1: Resistive touch panel patent, US-2011072223-A1: Method and system for managing cookies in web communications patent, US-2011098685-A1: METHODS FOR PRODUCTION AND USE OF SUBSTANCE-LOADED ERYTHROCYTES (S-IEs) FOR OBSERVATION AND TREATMENT OF MICROVASCULAR HEMODYNAMICS patent, US-2011149415-A1: Imaging Lens patent, US-2011245487-A1: Separation process patent, US-2011260530-A1: Vehicular electrical systems, automotive electrical systems, and automotive propulsion systems patent, US-2011297838-A1: Charge loss correction patent, US-2012021340-A1: Fabrication method for enhancing the electrical conductivity of bipolar plates patent, US-2012026401-A1: Automated System and Method for High-Frequency Signal Attenuation Compensation patent, US-2012062606-A1: System and method for controlling a display according display characteristics patent, US-2012094409-A1: Tft-lcd array substrate and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2012159269-A1: Measurement Device and Measurement Method patent, US-2012162043-A1: Multiband antenna patent, US-2012165380-A1: Methods of treating alpha adrenergic mediated conditions patent, US-2012168207-A1: Flexible multilayer type thin film capacitor and embedded printed circuit board using the same patent, US-2012198198-A1: Managing Line Items in a Computer-Based Modular Planning Tool patent, US-2012199455-A1: Keyboard design patent, US-2012205672-A1: Semiconductor chip module and semiconductor pacakge having the same patent, US-2012237179-A1: Stereoscopic image display control apparatus and method of controlling operation of same patent, US-2012241673-A1: Tunable Fluorescent Gold Nanocluster patent, US-2012268674-A1: Liquid crystal flat panel display with an integral heater of predeterminable capacity patent, US-2012276915-A1: Signaling To Establish Multipoint Communications patent, US-2012282613-A1: Methods and compositions for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of fetal aneuploidies patent, US-2012305422-A1: Portable device protector case patent, US-2012321536-A1: Microfluidic device comprising a biodegradable material and method of making such a microfluidic device patent, US-2012321640-A1: Von willebrand factor specific binding agents and uses thereof patent, US-2013014591-A1: Vortex flowmeter, pressure sensor for a vortex flowmeter and method for producing such a pressure sensor patent, US-2013016860-A1: Thin-film speaker system and methods for making and using the same patent, US-2013040599-A1: Emergency Call Hybrid Architecture patent, US-2013051070-A1: Led light bar and backlight module patent, US-2013086445-A1: Quasi-Cyclic Low-Density Parity-Check Codes patent, US-2013091933-A1: Liquid mixing device and liquid chromatograph patent, US-2013102279-A1: Mobile terminal and control method of the same patent, US-2013160743-A1: Method of producing common rail and locally reinforced common rail patent, US-2013170839-A1: Wireless remote control systems and methods for bathroom devices patent, US-2013210653-A1: Scanning multifunctional particles patent, US-2013222338-A1: Apparatus and method for processing a plurality of types of touch inputs patent, US-2013238871-A1: Data processing method and apparatus, pci-e bus system, and server patent, US-2013265794-A1: Optical fiber installation tool having a passive illumination feature patent, US-2013275654-A1: Memory storage apparatus, and memory controller and power control method patent, US-2013299116-A1: Method and apparatus for interlocking load carrying elements patent, US-2013307213-A1: Sheet conveying apparatus patent, US-2013337625-A1: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-2014008748-A1: Method for manufacturing solid-state image pickup device patent, US-2014062901-A1: Touch panel patent, US-2014165365-A1: Apparatus and Method for Crimping an Implant patent, US-2014227232-A1: Methods and Compositions for Delivery of Exogenous Factors to Nervous System Sites patent, US-2014228508-A1: Polymer composition containing a thermoplastic polyester elastomer patent, US-2014234316-A1: Vaccibodies targeted to cross-presenting dendritic cells patent, US-2014291451-A1: Autonomous spontaneous deployment deployable mast and satellite including at least one such mast patent, US-2014315113-A1: Flow battery with enhanced durability patent, US-2014326090-A1: Method for producing a threaded part as composite component, roller screw drive, linear actuator, and electromechanical brake booster having such a composite component patent, US-2014349114-A1: Vacuum insulation material comprising a high specific surface area getter material patent, US-2014373324-A1: Ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2014375476-A1: Vehicle alert system patent, US-2015016720-A1: Guided image filtering for image content patent, US-2015073051-A1: Cationic antimicrobial handwash patent, US-2010075190-A1: Membrane Electrode Assembly, Manufacturing Method Thereof and Fuel Cell patent, US-2010081413-A1: System for controlling access to a service, and corresponding method, control device, and computer program patent, US-2010152275-A1: Drug or Supplement Combination with Conjugated Linoleic Acid for Fat Loss in Mammals patent, US-2010162654-A1: Device for positioning and fixing lateral reinforcing bar spacers for use with concrete patent, US-2010164326-A1: Motor device, apparatus and driving method for rotor patent, US-2010188389-A1: Method for driving a liquid crystal display monitor and related apparatus patent, US-2010195953-A1: Optical waveguide device, manufacturing method therefor, optical modulator, polarization mode dispersion compensator, and optical switch patent, US-2011062500-A1: Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof patent, US-2011089508-A1: Magnetic tunnel junction structure with perpendicular magnetization layers patent, US-2011102175-A1: Communication Devices and Methods for Devices Including Generic Indicators Configurable for Real-Time Announcement of Received Communication Signals patent, US-2011124830-A1: Hydrogenated beta-pinene-based polymers and molded articles comprising the same patent, US-2011139139-A1: Multi-point activation trigger system and method patent, US-2011159151-A1: Miso patent, US-2011160708-A1: Stable non-aqueous single phase viscous vehicles and formulations utlizing such vehicles patent, US-2011163985-A1: Haptic feedback control method and apparatus for a wireless terminal having a touch screen patent, US-2011220561-A1: Seawater desalination system patent, US-2011293714-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions suitable for oral administration of derivatized insulin peptides patent, US-2012018687-A1: Process for the preparation of easily dispersible Violet Pigment patent, US-2012031472-A1: Support for Photovoltaic Module and Photovoltaic Module patent, US-2012031618-A1: Use of Hexose Oxidases to Create Hydrogen Peroxide in Aqueous Well Treatment Fluids patent, US-2012058222-A1: Use patent, US-2012117410-A1: Power on reset circuit patent, US-2012147922-A1: Sensor device patent, US-2012199995-A1: Apparatus and method for formation of an energized ophthalmic device for light therapy patent, US-2012225544-A1: Method for producing a semiconductor component patent, US-2012268608-A1: Automatic tracking control apparatus for camera apparatus and automatic tracking camera system having same patent, US-2012271855-A1: Access permissions management system and method patent, US-2012286267-A1: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-2012286316-A1: Semiconductor light emitting device patent, US-2012305699-A1: Front electric rotor helicopter patent, US-2013032177-A1: Method and apparatus for stripping optical fibers and optical fiber assemblies patent, US-2013045245-A1: Apixaban formulations patent, US-2013047765-A1: Geared motor and manufacturing method therefor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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